Socks with heels is the latest trend

Socks with heels is the latest trend

Postat de pymer pe 3 Ianuarie 2017
If you sported socks with sandals five years ago, you would have been considered fashion illiterate. But here's a surprising twist to the look — wearing socks with heels is the latest uber-cool fashion trend for the winter.

This look was seen dominating the runway, with supermodelGigi Hadid rocking the runway in frilly wool socks that she paired with metallic heels.

Whether you wear heels with sheer stockings, frilly wool socks, patterned ones or good-old sports socks, classics like court shoes, stilettos or brogue heels will instantly get upgraded to high-fashion status.

Singer Kavya Trehan, who sported the look at a fashion event in Bengaluru recently, says. "I feel comfy for winter, yet look cool. I got a lot of compliments for the look. I would suggest tying your strappy heels tight so that the socks don't slip off them. Also, ensure you coordinate the socks with the dress."

The trend is set to make a presence in the fashion scene this year as well, so get in to the act early and pave the way for a socks revolution.Read more at: |
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