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Badea Ion, ciobanul satului, privește spre pârâul pe marginea căruia, o femeie spală rufe. De pe malul înalt, de vis-a-vis, o stâncă se rostogolește peste femeie. Badea Ion cugetă: ”No, încă o mașină de spălat o fost distrusă de calcar !”

As part of the BoF Voices event, Tim Blanks hosted a panel discussion about diversity and modeling called “Diversity and Inclusivity: Fashion’s Missed Opportunity”, inviting IMG Models president Ivan Bart and models, Joan Smalls and Hari Nef, to join the discussion.

At the BoF Voices event on Dec. 5, James Scully called out all those people who “hijacked” the fashion industry, making it become more about power, and less about your dreams. The Ted Blank’s hosted...

Not fairytale or fashion mags
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Fashionista as we know her, Sonam Kapoor also has another side to her, which is being blunt and unapologetic for her statements that have often embroiled her in controversies. Thousands of fans follow her on various social media platforms and idolise her for her fashion sense and also, her personality. And with all of it, this year, she has also got applause for her performance in Neerja.

While we know so much about her, none of us have any clue about what has inspired her to be...

Days after the parents of former Auburn deputy mayor Salim - Mohamad and Amal Mehajer - declared themselves bankrupt just hours before they were due in court over a $10 million tax debt, the Mehajers banded together over the weekend and staged a glittery smoke screen this time in the form of a baby announcement and sex reveal party.

Just three months after celebrating at a lavish wedding that made a Baz Luhrmann film look like a community repertory production, Khadijeh 'Kat'...

First American fashion designer
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Kelsy Dominick has marked a place in history by being the first American designer to showcase designs in Cuba since the embargo was put in place in 1960.

Dominick was approached by Cuban trade representatives after showing in New York Fashion Week wanting to help strengthen trade between Cuba and the US in a non political forum. And what better way to accomplish this than through the arts.

Developing new relations with this old friend of...

Karel Marquez took to social media to clarify some matters surrounding her recent wedding with Sean Fariñas.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Marquez said she sees nothing wrong about giving her husband a BMW car as a wedding gift because she worked hard for it.

“Why would people dictate what we should do when we all can do what we want as long as we worked hard for it, and as long as wala tayong inaaway o tinatapakang tao. We all have different opinions. Different...

Whether she's sweating it out at the gym or getting dolled up for a shoot, Raashi Khanna seems to look flawless all the time, AM to PM. Her insta feed is filled with pictures that show her looking like a million bucks, glowing skin, fit bod et al. And no, it's not all about filters. We speak to Raashi to find out what the secret is. Excerpts:

What's Raashi's trick for staying beautiful?

Firstly, love yourself. Every woman should. Secondly, I don't follow tips and...

From 1970s vibes to bold lipsticks colours, there was plenty of beauty inspiration to be had on the red carpet of the American Music Awards .

If you're doubtful you can achieve these looks, think again - as they're fairly straightforward. Read on for a breakdown of the biggest make-up trends to try now.

'70s bombshell

Gigi Hadid rocked the red carpet of the AMAs in a white lace Roberto Cavalli gown, which she matched with a fresh beauty look. Make-up...

Patuna brings the best of French tradition center stage to Paris Haute Couture A/W 2016. This designer brand is for every woman. Whether she’s a busy doctor visiting a gala or an aspiring artist who loves luxury, Patuna celebrates women from all walks of life. Inspired by the cherished French art of winemaking, this collection is rich with culture and and a heritage that is sure to quench your thirst for couture.

Read more about Patuna down below !

What was the...

The festive shopping season officially begins tomorrow, as retailers around the UK experience their busiest weekend of the year, beginning on Black Friday.

The date that started out as an industrial nickname in the US (post-Thanksgiving, shops would be at their fullest and flailing books would return to the black) Black Friday is now something of a global phenomenon, as retailers instigate discount wars in attempts to attract the most shoppers, and bargain-seekers will gamely...

Steff Yotka lets her freak flag fly . . .

When it comes to events, I have never been one for an understated look. In the fifth grade, I wore pleather pants, a furry crop top, and 5-inch platforms on a field trip to the Metropolitan Opera—we were instructed to wear tea dresses—which is to say that proper dress codes have long evaded me. In the years since, I haven’t gotten any better at abiding by the rules, though I have developed a playbook of dos and don’ts for blending...

A slew of fashion trucks parked in front of A.D. Makepeace's Box Mill Hall -- selling boutique clothing and encouraging shoppers to bring a toy to donate for "Toys for Tots."

It was the debut for Justine Bonalewicz, owner of Sass & Sparkle and organizer of the event.

A resident of Rhode Island with family in Wareham, Bonalewicz asked all who attended the event to bring a toy for donation.

"I just wanted to bring everyone together and I thought it would...

Moise, Iisus şi un bătrânel jucau golf.
Moise ia crosa şi cu o lovitură elegantă trimite mingea… hăăăăăt, departe, într-un lac. Imperturbabil, intră în baltă, apele se despart şi îşi joacă mingea.
E rândul lui Iisus.
Iisus ia crosa şi proiectează mingea pe o traiectorie parabolică (parabola fiind specialitatea lui). Mingea aterizează tot în mijlocul lacului, pe un nufăr. Iisus păşeşte pe apă şi îşi joacă mingea.
Bătrânul, fără...

Princess Diana fashion exhibition
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Princess Diana in 1989.
An exhibition will celebrate the fashion style of Princess Diana, on the 20th anniversary of her death. Diana: Her Fashion Story will open at Kensington palace, her home for 15 years, on 24 February 2017.

The organisers say in a statement that the exhibition will “bring together an extraordinary collection of garments ranging from the glamorous evening gowns worn on engagements in the 80s, to the chic Catherine Walker suits that made up Diana’s...

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Patru tipi căsătoriţi merg la pescuit. După un timp, se purta următoarea conversaţie:
- Ca să pot veni la pescuit cu voi, a trebuit să-i promit soției că în următoarele zile voi zugrăvi toată casa.
- Nici pe mine nu m-a lăsat să vin până n-am promis că voi schimba toată gresia din jurul piscinei.
- Eu a trebuit să promit că voi renova bucătăria inclusiv schimbarea electrocasnicelor.
Cel de al patrulea nu scotea o vorbă.
- Hei, tu, doar nu...

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